Medical Equipment Distridutors

About Us

Hessa Medical Equipments Co. LLC., Dubai is the distributor of Medical Equipment, Instruments, and Hospital consumables. The motto of Hessa Medical Equipments Co. is – reliable Partnership i.e. to provide reliable and professional partnerships to our Principals as well as being a partner in Healthcare field by supplying high quality products at a competitive price to our customers.
Hessa Medical Equipments is owned and directed by Ms. Hessa Khalifa Sultan Mohammad, have a philosophy of providing quality healthcare products and service for all at a competitive price.
Companies represented are,
Mercury Medical, USA: Manufacturer and suppliers of airway management products, Laryngeal mask, CPR bags, Anaesthesia products and Laryngoscopes. 
Kentec Medicals, USA: Manufacture of umbilical catheters, I.V splints, External feeding tubes, etc.
Small Beginnings, USA: Neonatal products like Phototherapy eye shield, positioning aids, Meconium aspirator, Low birth diapers, incubator covers, diapers etc.
Proactive srl, Italy: Manufacturer of IV lines, infusion sets, transfusion sets, extension lines, TUR set, 3-way stopcocks, T-extension connectors etc. 
Cair LGL, France: Manufacture of needle free valve, Y-connectors, neonatal connector, extension lines, mucus extractor, feeding tube, centre line, thermal blood and fluid warmer, warming unit etc.
Phasein, Sweden: Emergency CO2and respiratory monitor
Technokit, Italy: Procedure packs and trays for OT and anaesthesia
BioProtech, Korea: ECG electrodes, ESU pencil and diathermy plates
Cooper Surgical,USA: Gynaecology and obstetrical range
Novo med Group LCH Medical product Gyneas LABODERM, wide range of gynaecology disposables and instruments
Clarus Medical, USA: Intubation laryngeal with digital video scope, SOS Adult w/eye piece, SOS paediatric, Leviton adult green line with stop     
PDC “Precision Dynamics Corporation” Europe: Specialized in all range of ID bands and Foot prints.   
Natus – Hawai Medical, USA: Neonatal products like Sucrose, Neat stick, positioning aids, smoothies, incubator mattress etc.
Micro warm (CuraPax):  Patented hot & cold bags for various therapies for Physiotherapy, NICU, OT, Gynaecology etc.
Seta, Turkey: Manufacturer of surgical drapes, packs, gowns, instrument drapes etc.
Promoden, South America: Incontinent slings for male and female.